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'Just really, really excellent. Held. Focused. Flexible. Responsive. Interesting. Fun.'

KP, Course Participant Part 1

'Adam is fantastic at what he does. I have been to two of his workshops and have loved both of them. He is one of the best workshop leaders I have come across. This is because he  knows his subject very well,  and is passionate about it. That comes across very clearly. He created a safe space extremely well, which enabled both groups to go deeply into their 'stuff.' I am always on the lookout for other workshops from Adam, and highly recommend them!' 

JT, Fear and Doubt Course Participant

'Brilliant - one of the best things I have ever done!'

RW, Course Participant Part 1

‘This course has magic in it.  Taking part has opened up possibilities for me both personally and professionally that I could not have imagined or dreamed of before it started. I really connected with an audience for the first time. Prepare to surprise yourself!’

BG, Course Participant Part 2

'Pure professionalism and knowledge of his subject.'

KFCourse Participant Part 1

'My team got so much out of this day. They learned how to manage their responses when they encounter stressful situations, how to communicate on a human level with each other, and the importance of treating each other with respect. They also had fun - Adam is an inspiring teacher, and they came back to work full of enthusiasm and happiness, with a renewed sense of purpose about their roles.'

 Local Authority Head of Service

Training Event

‘Clearly, the course is so much more than public speaking. Everyone needs to do it. It made me feel bold and coherent.’

SF, Course Participant Part 2

 'Rich with helpful exercises and compassionate support. Adam's sensitivity and observation skills were brilliant, his listening and observing with so much heart. Fabulous!'

Course Participant Part 1

'Adam is a highly skilled facilitator. He creates a space for exploration that feels both safe and challenging at the same time. He is very perceptive and manages to balance the needs of the group as a whole whilst meeting each individual exactly where they are in their process.'

LM, Course Participant Part 1

'You model holding space through the way you listen to every individual in the group, the pace you set, and the obvious depth of your experience and knowledge. But above all, your strong yet tender love for every participant and their ability to love themselves is very evident.'

MM, Participant Part 1

‘A very special experience.’

AC, Course Participant Part 2

'Adam holds the space so safely that we are able to take all the space we need.'

SC, Course Participant Part 1


‘This course is amazing. I did part one and enjoyed it hugely, but part two took me somewhere else entirely. I am so glad I didn't let my fear of doing it stop me, because I wouldn't have missed it for anything.’

SJ, Course Participant Part 2


"This course is something special.'

SHJ, Course Participant Part 1

'Facilitation and course content is brilliant. It will enable me to be heard."

IP, Course Participant Part 1

"This course has been fantastic in giving me confidence. I couldn't have asked for more."

VO, Course Participant Part 1

'The volunteers often mention your training and how good it was. You made a great impression!' 

NHS Programme Leader

"I absolutely loved the course. Adam puts into action what he teaches. The course was well thought out and wonderfully presented, with humour, with ease, with knowledge and expertise."

SR, Course Participant Part 1


"I found this course a much deeper experience than expected and it worked across the board from a personal therapeutic level to (a) performance level and touched everything in between."

SF, Course Participant Part 1

"I honestly believe that so many people ... could benefit from your workshop;   it completely exceeded my expectations."

CE, Workshop Participant

"Adam always manages to get the best out of people and encourages them to go further than they thought they could."

Dr Jonathan Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Arts and Music Management












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