People coming to me for coaching are generally looking for a breakthrough in relation to big questions: how can I most effectively respond to the current ecological global crisis? Can I fulfil my responsibilities and commitments AND find personal fulfilment? What is my life's purpose? How can I work with fear, doubt, shame, guilt or grief so that they don't run my life? 

I work with each person in a completely unique way, drawing on a range of methodologies and practices depending on the needs and nature of the individual. This can include conversation, embodiment, role-play, constellation work and working with archetypes. Whatever is appropriate to generate a felt shift, and unlock the resources that support significant change or transformation.

I also offer confidence and public speaking coaching.

Sessions are generally 1 hour long, although the first session is usually an hour and a half.

I offer a free 30 minute phone/Skype conversation to discuss your needs and see if my approach suits you.

Complete confidentiality is assured.


£60 per hour.

"Transformed my sense of myself. I'd recommend Adam to anyone."

Business Professional, Bristol


"Encouraging and intuitive, yet dynamic and unwaveringly professional. I can be sure that he will give clear and honest feedback and provide extensive tools and ideas for development. Highly recommended!"

DB, Musician and Performer

Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements and coaching fees.

This workshop is for people who want to overcome their fear of public speaking, or just feel more present and at ease in front of others. It will develop participants' capacity to stand in their power and speak from a place of authenticity and charismatic presence - regardless of context.

‘Clearly, the course is so much more than public speaking. Everyone needs to do it. It made me feel bold and coherent.’

SF, Course Participant