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Be Seen, Be Heard

In 2016 I designed and delivered a personal impact programme called Be Seen, Be Heard in response to a request from a small group of professional women who were facing the challenge of returning to work after time spent raising children. This programme has now broadened and developed, and been delivered to hundreds of people in different contexts - public, corporate and third sector. 


Be Seen, Be Heard has developed over the years into an experiential programme focused on building confidence and self-expression, connecting people to a healthy and sustainable sense of self-worth and equipping them with the necessary experience, skills and attitudes to be more visible and impactful in their lives.



The learning on Be Seen, Be Heard is structured around the following key themes:


Threshold: refers to the physical and psychological movement all human beings make when they step from the known, familiar and predictable into the unknown, unfamiliar and unpredictable. 


Comfort Zones, Learning Zones, Panic Zones: represent the learning environments that we face as we step over thresholds. Learning to move through and between them all is an important capacity-building aim of the course.


Fear, Doubt, Shame, Guilt and Anger. These are the ‘threshold emotions’ that come up again and again as we experience stepping into the unknown. Learning to identify them in our responses, how they impact us, and how to work effectively with them is an important part of the programme.


Contraction and Expansion are the universal and archetypal ‘gestures’ that characterise all of our experience - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.

By exploring and working with these energetic movements we can develop greater awareness of how life 'plays' us through them, and how we can begin to use them as powerful pyscho-physical tools.

Be Seen, Be Heard can be delivered in any format - from an individual coaching journey to a 5 day group immersion.

Please go to Events for information on upcoming courses and workshops.

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