This workshop is for people who want to overcome their fear of public speaking, or just feel more present and at ease in front of others. It will develop participants' capacity to stand in their power and speak from a place of authenticity and charismatic presence - regardless of context.

‘Clearly, the course is so much more than public speaking. Everyone needs to do it. It made me feel bold and coherent.’

SF, Course Participant 

Be Seen, Be Heard


Programme Aims


To give participants tools to overcome physical, psychological or emotional obstacles when exposed to others’ attention.

To shift the emphasis in interpersonal communication from a ‘doing’ paradigm to a ‘being' paradigm - ie who you are being is more impactful on your audience than what you are doing.


To promote natural presence as a powerful way of being in the world which reduces individual stress, stimulates connection between people, and encourages dialogue.

The Programme

Be Seen, Be Heard explores the source of our fears around exposure and invisibility, and the effects of feeling exposed or invisible - on our bodies, feelings and thinking. The programme offers simple, practical tools that you can use to alter thinking, feeling and body sensation in the face of stress, and enables you to meet and overcome the discomfort of being seen and heard. 


Be Seen, Be Heard is delivered in various formats, from courses lasting several days to individual coaching.

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