Cultivating Courage and Resilience

The Story of Jumping Mouse

A 3 session Online Course hosted by Hawkwood College, 

facilitated by Adam Fotheringham

Thursdays 25th June/2nd July/9th July

4pm - 5.30pm

£50 standard

£65 support Hawkwood

This experiential course fosters courage and resilience through the power of story and human connection. Using myth, group process and personal reflection as our framework, we will explore the Native American tale of Jumping Mouse. It has much to teach us about the wisdom of our own heart. 'Listening in' rather than looking outside for guidance can be a most helpful action - especially when the outer advice is contradictory or unreliable.  But in order to do that we need to trust in the guidance that comes from within. When a mouse is called to seek out the cause of the strange roaring sound in his/her ears, s/he sets off on a transformative journey that takes her/him beyond the realms of what is known, familiar and predictable.

At a glance

  • Working with a story as a tool for insight

  • Exploring  life situation and inner calling

  • Resourcing in times of crisis


What participants will gain

  • Guided exploration around inner resourcing and what our life circumstances are calling from us

  • Inspiration and wisdom-teaching through a story

  • Sharing of reflections, creative exercises and realisations

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