What is an archetype?


It is a universally recognised image or pattern of human behaviour, often expressed in terms of a human type or role - such as Mother, Warrior or Lover.

According to Jung, archetypes reside in the collective unconscious, but are ‘playing out’ through us, through our individual actions and behaviours. When this is done unconsciously, we are at the mercy of the pattern or behaviour. When we bring consciousness to it, we can make powerful choices about how best to embrace and embody an archetypal energy in order to meet life most effectively.

Archetypes at WorkTM is an exciting new methodology for personal and professional development that harnesses centuries-old archetypal wisdom and combines it with a creative whole-person learning approach.
Created by Richard Olivier and Laurence Hillman, and pioneered by Olivier Mythodrama Associates, the Archetypes At Work method embraces 10 archetypes which together make up a model of the fully rounded human being.

In this introductory workshop you will:

  • Discover the keys to looking at the world through an archetypal lens

  • Be introduced to the 10 archetypes, exploring their gifts and shadows Undertake a self-assessment to ascertain your current individual archetypal profile.

  • Explore how to embody and activate each of the archetypes

  • Learn some ways of developing them within yourself

  • Hear about further opportunities for learning and development

Adam Fotheringham is a coach and facilitator with Olivier Mythodrama Associates, and is part of the Archetypes At WorkTM delivery team. He is a Founding Practitioner with the Guild of Archetypes at Work Coaches, and delivers and coaches on a wide range of programmes for OMA and other organisations, and in private practice.

For further information or to book: Please contact Adam at

adfotheringham@yahoo.co.uk or call 07828 754576