Working with Fear and Doubt

A Transformational Weekend


















Public Courses 

Sunday 15th December 2019

Meeting Fear And Doubt: A Coaching Day

9.30am - 5.30pm

Sunday is a coaching day. Participants will have the opportunity to bring a specific project or issue they are wrestling with, where fear and/or doubt are holding them back. They will receive individual coaching on navigating a path through the resistance caused by fear and doubt, so they can move forward with transformed energy and intention. I can accommodate up to 6 coachees on this workshop, and all participants will need to have completed the workshop on Saturday to attend.

This is a singular opportunity to take part in a day of impact coaching, with the intention that everyone present experiences a significant inner shift in their relationship to what holds them back.

Confidentiality will be required from all attending, and aftercare is offered where requested.


Cost: 150

Venue: TBC

Please contact me to book.


Sat 14th/Sun 15th December 2019 

Fear and Doubt and How To Dance With Them

 10am - 5pm

On Saturday you will take part in a workshop which will cover the following:

  • Exploring the psychological energies that can shut us down.

  • Providing a safe and supportive space for personal and group enquiry.

  • Introducing new exercises and tools for resourcing individuals in facing and overcoming fear and doubt.

The focus of the workshop is on participants leaving with a clearer understanding about how fear and doubt operate in their lives and stop them from 'showing up' in the world, and what practical steps they can take to meet these energies when they arise. The workshop will be an integrated day of sharing new research, with creative practical activities to maximise experiential learning. A safe, confidential and enabling context will be created to facilitate this exploration.


The Way Home
Learning through Shame, Vulnerability, Power and Love
A Weekend Workshop
with Jo McAndrews and Adam Fotheringham
7th and 8th December 2019
10am - 5pm
Centre for Science and Art
Gl5 1BB
Cost: £140

In this workshop Jo and Adam offer a supportive and creative space  to explore the powerful human experience of deep, undefended connection. We will engage in activities that open up our understanding of how shame and vulnerability affect our everyday lives. We will seek the treasure that hides beneath.


We will


  • Learn about shame resilience and discover a map of vulnerability

  • Discover how our power in the world can be expressed

  • Support each other in expressing our own experience

  • Build connections as a group to find new strength and practical tools for life


We will find that we do not have to hide ourselves in order to be loved.