A one-day workshop (with delicious lunch!) looking at the way we shape our experience through the stories we tell ourselves and others. We will be sharing stories from our lives, and considering how we arrived at these versions of events. We will be asking questions like: Why am I telling myself this story? What kind of reality do my stories invoke? How does this story serve me, and is there another story I could be telling that might serve me better

At a glance

  • Explore your life experience through story.

  • Sharing key stories from life and creating new narratives for ourselves.

  • Creative, playful, deep.

What will participants gain?

  • Insight into our story-making nature as human beings.

  • Reflection on your own life and experience by looking at the stories you are ‘living out’.

  • Lightly and playfully creating new stories.

‘Stories surround us. We can never escape their influence. Our own life is a story in the making and with every deed and decision we continue the telling of it.’ Horst Kornberger

‘Unaware that our stories are stories, we experience them as the world.’ David Loy

This workshop is an exploration into the simple premise that we are story-making beings, and that our life experience is dictated not so much by what happens in life but what we make it mean. Are you a story-maker who tends to weave your life-narratives around opportunity, the gift in every crisis, and an ultimately benign universe? Or are your stories more about the lessons of suffering, learning to bear the unbearable, and the nobility of stoicism? Whatever your outlook (and it will be different for each of you), we will creatively and lightly explore our internal storytelling, learning much about ourselves and each other in the process.

To book, go to https://www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/event/storytelling-from-life/