'Your greatest joy and freedom comes when you give according to your potential. Conversely, your greatest pain is not giving to life and to others according to your potential.' Eva Perriakos

Do you feel unseen and unheard?

Do you tend to avoid situations where you feel vulnerable or exposed?
Do you feel that only a part of you is available to the world?
Are you ready to be more visible and have more impact in the world?
These are some (but not all) of the reasons why people seek help with being seen and heard. 
My mission is to unlock each individual's unique natural presence, allowing them to meet the challenges of being in the spotlight of other people's attention with effortlessness, confidence and effectiveness.


An Integrated Approach

Be Seen, Be Heard is a unique experiential programme which addresses the common fear of being seen and heard, and offers a new way of being which allows individuals to stand authentically and comfortably in the spotlight of others' attention .

Using methods and techniques drawn from theatre, mindfulness, depth psychology and impact coaching, Be Seen, Be Heard develops the awareness, the tools and the confidence to challenge beliefs, to transform the way you feel and act in any situation which threatens exposure or pushes you towards invisibility.


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